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This Unbelievable European Church in America PRE-DATES Columbus!

The story behind this forgotten monument is filled with surprising history and unusual facts. Do you know the connection between pre-Columbian history and Scope mouthwash? Continue reading

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Facts About Downtown Cabbey’s Highclear Castle

The story behind this venerable monument to the power of love is both tragic and romantic. Continue reading

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Ancient Temple Uncovered in Wisconsin

No one knows how the Master Masons of America managed to build this great church of strip mall wonder. Continue reading

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Distinguished Contributor Greg Discovers Divinely Graced Church

There are some structures that are so awe-inspiring that they make you turn the car around to spend time in their presence. Continue reading

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Erections of Sublimity

MMOA is pleased to present its first reader-contributed feature. This handsome horizontal silo exhibits the hallowed spirit that is deep-seated within all the great structures that are lovingly conceived and expertly executed by Master Masons of America. The delivery-truck service … Continue reading

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MMOA Denies Midwestern Office Towers the Coveted MMOA Award

The builders were certainly awarded points for trying, but their efforts fall fatefully short of MMOA standards, largely due to the humanist design of the buildings’ grounds. Continue reading

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MMOA Commends Master Mason Bill Bonnaire With Posthumous MMOA Award

Master Mason Bill Bonnaire is the discerning virtuoso behind the breathtaking Best Buy pictured above. Born in 1193, Bonnaire began building wonders such as Chartres Cathedral in 1194. The legendary vanguard was a prodigy who conceived his revolutionary approach to building in … Continue reading

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Is Contemporary Architecture Fuxed?

Midge Wordsley’s entry for the term auto-fux was recently approved by the editors of the Urban Dictionary. The word, meaning “the act of arrogant programs such as Microsoft Word second-guessing the user and introducing misspellings and grammatical errors into otherwise … Continue reading

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Sacred Spires

What sort of dignified establishment does this pseudo-classical building house, you ask? Continue reading

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The New Tombstone, Arizona

This hideous purple monstrosity quenches the arid landscape’s thirst for grotesque eyesores. Continue reading

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