Erections of Sublimity

MMOA is pleased to present its first reader-contributed feature.

This handsome horizontal silo exhibits the hallowed spirit that is deep-seated within all the great structures that are lovingly conceived and expertly executed by Master Masons of America.

The delivery-truck service doors through which the spirit of the divine enters like a mystic mist, the rapturous lack of windows, the trailer-style design of the assemblage, and the chain-link fencing that encircles the remarkably rousing rectangle — all ethereal elements intermingle to exhibit the minster’s Master Masons’ heartfelt alignment with the centuries-old principles of sacred geometry.

The flying buttresses that artfully intersect one another where the crypt meets the northern transept are one of the most impressive demonstrations of Master Masonry to be found in the Western hemisphere. The traditional use of blocks of stone, laboriously cut by hand and transported by teams of oxen, was not skimped upon in the erection of this enchanting structure.

Furthermore, the Southside Alliance Church boasts an impressive facet of notoriety not shared with other buildings yet featured on this blog:

The cross that tops this sanctuary is the very crux upon which our Lord and Savior perished selflessly for the sins of the populace.

A sundry pilgrimage of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and vegans congregated across the sands of amiable amnesty and travelled by foot in 1746 from Jerusalem to Sheboygan, Wisconsin in order to transport the sacred cross fresh from the site of Jesus’s recent demise to its rightful home in America’s Dairyland.

Therefore, in the words of Greg, MMOA’s first Distinguished Contributor, “the structure begs to be mentioned by MMOA,” for MMOA is the authority on the sacred and the divine, not to mention the masterly and the masonic.

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