Is Contemporary Architecture Fuxed?

Midge Wordsley’s entry for the term auto-fux was recently approved by the editors of the Urban Dictionary. The word, meaning “the act of arrogant programs such as Microsoft Word second-guessing the user and introducing misspellings and grammatical errors into otherwise tidy copy,” is exemplified in the phrase “I think that Word auto-fux my typing.”

Midge Wordsley frequently notes the auto-fux phenomenon in her MMOA posts, and strives to scrub them clean of unwholesome auto-fuxing.*

* Neither this post nor this blog as a whole is intended to suggest that contemporary building practices are fuxed, auto- or otherwise. There is no correlation between the fraudulent promenade in the Walgreens pictured above–with its hermetically sealed windows and its proficient waste of space that’s as honorable as the existence of the average politician–and the act of fuxation. MMOA disclaims any association–implied or otherwise–with the erroneous concept that contemporary architecture is fuxed.

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