MMOA Commends Master Mason Bill Bonnaire With Posthumous MMOA Award

Master Mason Bill Bonnaire is the discerning virtuoso behind the breathtaking Best Buy pictured above.

Born in 1193, Bonnaire began building wonders such as Chartres Cathedral in 1194. The legendary vanguard was a prodigy who conceived his revolutionary approach to building in his infancy.

Responsible as well for the mysterious innovation of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Bonnaire revolutionized the design of the magnificent fake second story (it does not really exist!) of this renowned roadside shopping center in Delafield, WI.

MMOA recently commended Bonnaire at a gala in Racine. The maestro’s 164-year-old wife, a corpse named Greta, was honored to accept the award on his behalf.

Mrs. Bonnaire indicated that donations in her late husband’s honor to the Cousins/Toppers/Mobil convenience plaza set to break ground on the outskirts of Oconomowoc on Monday will go toward a legacy that will be treasured for generations to come — for as eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the eyes of the soul, and the majestically myopic and beautifully blank and bereft windows of Bonnaire’s masterpiece evince that the soul of this excellent edifice is as richly endowed as a eunuch.

Thus MOMA urges you to bestow the honor of a MMOA award on builders as graced with talent as Bonnaire. Photograph contemporary atrocities, arrange to shoot them to MMOA, and MMOA will feature them on this blog — for it is vital that we commend our Master Masons for achieving excellence in Master Masonry.

Should we fail to honor our architectural luminaries, our lofty aesthetic ideals will die, and the great strip malls of America will cease to grace our landscape.

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