Honoring Today’s Revolution in Architecture

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Welcome to the site that celebrates the land of the free, the home of the brave new builders of mesmerizing buildings. The architecture revered on this blog is of the finest quality, crafted by artisans who nurture our need for pleasing dwellings, craftsmen who intuitively grasp every nook and cranny of the concept of aesthetics. Take a look through this catalog of symmetry and feed your soul with beauty and wonder. The Master Masons of America are qualified professionals who have studied the classics, schooled themselves in the principles of sacred geometry, and slaved for years–sometimes hundreds of years–to house our businesses and public spaces in erections of sublimity. The astounding elegance exemplified in these marvelous feats forms a canon that great builders will follow for centuries to come. These spaces have the spiritual density of a forest; they evoke the fathomless mystery of the sea. Marvel at the quality of these magnificent edifices; slaver at the stone, the brick, the wood, the craftsmanship; ogle at the time and the love that goes into the creation of these wonders of the modern world.

And share the love, dear readers. By all means, spread the gospel. Contact me if you’ve photographed an exemplary specimen. Shoot the Great Buildings of America with your camera or your cell phone, not to mention that automatic weapon that is your lacerating social criticism, and arrange to send them my way. You’ll receive a photo credit and the inestimable fanship of the masses.

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